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French Girl Rendez-vous

French Girl Rendez-vous

Code article: 978-2-917822-28-9

French Girl Rendez-vous

Auteur : Laure Danglade 
Editeur : PGCOM Editions 

Have you ever wanted to know what a  European girl feels like when she arrives in the US ?

Jump into Aurélie's shoes ! This petite and energetic French girl will open her heart  to you. Her fears, her expectations, her misconceptions about the US - everything she thought she knew would change !

American readers, don't be too hard on Aurélie ! Her thoughts are neither right nor wrong. She is just different, and discovering these differences makes traveling abroad fun for all of us.

Aurélie needs you ! She’s made up her mind to spend a semester in the US with only one goal : she wants an American boyfriend ! 
Between Boston and Philadelphia, she will try to create her own American dream.

From cultural misunderstandings to   unexpected friendships, Aurélie’s story  will have you laughing at her... and at yourself !

Format : livre broché de 184 pages 
Dimensions : 22,86 x 15,24 cm 
Date de parution : 4 octobre 2013

Euros 19.30


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